Someone Rejoins The Blogosphere

You Can Let Me Go is a new blog from a DC blogger who tried the blogging thing several years ago and stopped. During time apart from, well…me, he has decided to pick it up again. 3 guesses as to who he is. Enjoy watching him blossom back into a blogger who doesn’t hold back. I think it will get pretty interesting. And it will probably get me to write more.

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Just a Perfect Day for Teacups

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.12.01 PM

A compilation to start your summer.


Click Here

Crystalfilm (Sasha’s Beatless Mix) ~ Little Dragon ~ 7:40
Cut Copy Me ~ Petula Clark ~ 3:10
Girl Who Got Away ~ Dido ~ 3:23
Still ~ Valente ~ 4:22
Mirrors ~ Emma Louise ~ 3:50
Eyesdown ~ Bonobo w. Andreya Triana ~ 5:26
Too Tough to Die ~ Martina Topley-Bird ~ 3:58
Always Forever ~ Vondelpark ~ 2:53
Retrograde ~ James Blake ~ 3:44
Grace Or Not ~ Bright Light Bright Light vs. The Fugees ~ 4:13
Shake You Off ~ BLKKATHY ~ 4:05
Heaven for the Sinner ~ Bonobo w. Erykah Badu ~ 4:10
This Is What Makes Us Girls (Demo) ~ Lana Del Rey ~ 4:06
You Know You Like It ~ Aluna George ~ 3:29
Xp€n$iv $h*t ~ Die Antwoord ~ 4:19
Copy Cat ~ Skream w. Kelis ~ 3:50
Fierce ~ Azealia Banks ~ 3:14
10th Ave ~ K.Flay ~ 2:12
Out of My League (Tepr Remix) ~ Fitz & The Tantrums ~ 4:35
Where the Wind Blows ~ Coco O. ~ 3:51
Cars ~ Fialta ~ 3:39

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Goodbye, World of Fashion!

I am in the final few hours of my time at Stylesight, Inc.: the world’s leader in fashion trend-forecasting technology.  I’ll leave here at 4pm today and give up the title of Senior Systems Engineer.  Next Wednesday, I will start at Clear Channel Communications in the iHeartRadio division as a Systems Administrator.   For once, I’ll be working in a music company!  I couldn’t be more excited!!!

I also have a couple good DJ gigs coming up next week.  Come on out and see me!

To all my buds at Stylesight, keep it up.  You’re awesome and you know it!

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Love Is On The Way

So if you haven’t figured out that I’ve been away from this platform for awhile yet and you’re still monitoring this little 9-year-old site to see if I’ve posted something, you happen to be in luck!

Photo on 3-11-13 at 10.42 AM #2Today marks my first serious attempt to return to the blogosphere.  Like for real.  I’ll be reconstructing some old articles (read the post about the undeath of this site…) and posting a lot of new playlists.  Apparently people missed it.  :)  Good to know that somewhere in DC, a dear friend of mine Kevin was listening to an old set of mine called “Army of Wii” the other day.  It was in that moment where he told me so that I listened to it myself and remembered who I am!!  I decided to start putting more effort into a compilation or mix that tries to capture all of you unilaterally.  I’ve even already got the playlist 75% done.

A recent DJ hero of mine, Sasha, just released the latest of his Involver series, the successors being Invol2ver and Invol<3r.  It’s been on repeat for days.  But today I am listening to the new Depeche Mode album.  So far so awesome.  Sufficed to say there is a lot of inspiration going on around me today.

So far, today is a good one…except for losing my voice.  Right now that’s not so pleasant considering the phone calls in which I must participate.  If I feel like this tomorrow…it’s a good thing I don’t work at Yahoo.

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The Undeath of Subway State

Welcome to to the new permanent home for Subway State.  We finally have our dot-com status back!!!!  Restoration in progress.  I was recently informed that all of the data for the original was lost in the downfall of former web-hosting provider a.k.a. XIBI-Group.  I am exploring every option I can to access backups and archives of older material, as 8 years is a lot of material for a firm to just lose…especially when I paid them the month before they killed all of the servers. The outlook is not good for getting anything back.  But the show must go on. More to come.  Stay tuned.

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iMessage and Attachments

There may come a time where you need to search for an image that was sent to you over ‘iMessage’ on your iDevice, or over ‘iChat’ or ‘Messages’ in Mac OSX.  So here’s a blurb on what to do.  You may find it useful for several reasons.   :)

iOS - If you’re an ‘iMessage’ user in iOS 6.0 and below, there is a flaw in the system which makes way for deleted attachments to remain on your iDevice.  If you have the ability to browse directories on your iDevice, you can navigate to the following directory to retrieve your files:      /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/

This was quietly fixed in iOS 6.1.  So moving forward, what you delete on your iPhone or iPad will be removed from that storage directory with no chance of recovery.  But if you need to go looking…now you know where to go.

Mac OSX - In iOS, only one service is receiving attachments: ‘iMessage’.  But ‘iChat’ / ‘Messages’ on the Mac allows you to be signed into a variety of chat services. (Yahoo, GChat, AIM, etc.)  So any images you might have received from any of these services will be similarly stored on your Mac.

This is the directory where images are stored:     ~/Library/Messages/Attachments

This directory is a bit messy, so it could take you ages to find anything.  But fret not.  You can drag the Attachments folder into a program like iPhoto if you really want to see what’s inside the possibly hundreds of awkward subdirectories.  Hopefully you find what you’re looking for.  But if you simply want the images off your machine altogether…

Privacy Tip - Sorry, but I have not yet found a way to prevent ‘iChat’ / ‘Messages’ from saving attachments.  So periodically, I zip up the Attachments folder and send it to my GoogleDrive so I can go through the images later at home.  Then I navigate to the Attachments directory and simply delete everything in it.  This way, no one can open my machine and find a picture of me spilling red wine on my white t-shirt.  (Remember, don’t delete the actual Attachments folder……just what’s in it.)  I hope you find this useful!

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Merry Christmas

Raising a glass to my 10th Christmas with Josh in my life. :)

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TODAY In The Supreme Court!!


“What Is Happening at the Supreme Court Tomorrow?” BY ARI EZRA WALDMAN

This term at the Supreme Court will decide what gay rights law will look like for a decade. But, before we get to the substance, we have to deal with some procedure: On Friday, November 30, the justices will meet to decide which of the several cases they will take in order to answer basic questions about the Equal Protection Clause, due process, levels of scrutiny, and the future of marriage.


As many of you know, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is up for review after both the First and Second Circuits — not to mention a California district court and several other courts — declared it unconstitutional. There is also California’s Proposition 8, that state’s constitutional ban on the freedom to marry, which the Ninth Circuit declared unconstitutional in a groundbreaking, but narrow decision. Also, Arizona is trying to take away domestic partner benefits while leaving state benefits to married couples in place. Though a lower federal court stopped Governor Jan Brewer from implementing her latest antigay rule, the Supreme Court is being asked to step in and decide the matter.

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